Original Civet Coffee - Kopi Luwak delivered fresh to you for your ultimate experience of the world's greatest coffee.



Ordering Questions
1. Is it secure to make payments on your site? 
Yes. Your order goes through a SSL secure server which encrypts information to ensure that your transactions are private and protected.
2. What card types do you accept? 
We accept all major credit cards including Visa/Mastercard, Visa Delta, Switch, American Express, JCB, Solo, Maestro.
3. Can I pay by cheque? 
Yes. We have a number of customers who order by post with our order form and pay by cheque. Cheques are made payable to Sriwijaya Coffee Co. We process your order once we have received your cheque.
4. Can I order by phone or fax? 
Yes. You can place an order by phoning us on +1-617-480-9973 and letting us know what you would like to order, including the grind. If our phone lines are busy you can leave a message making sure you leave your name and your telephone number, and we will call you back as soon as we are able to. Alternatively, you can also send us a message on page Contact Us. If you do this don't forget to provide us with your full name and address details, the products you would like to order, the grind and your payment details.
5. How will I know if you have received my order? 
If you order via the website you will automatically be sent a message a few minutes later letting you know that your order has been received.
6. Can I cancel an order? 
Yes. If you change your mind then simply contact us by email or phone.
Delivery Questions
7. How is the coffee delivered? 
Orders are delivered by courier.
8. Can I have it delivered to a different address e.g. work, a friend? 
Yes, just let us know the name and address details including postcode, and we do the rest. When ordering via the website there is a 'Special Instructions' facility where you can provide us with the details of where to leave the coffee if you are out.
9. What happens if I am out when the coffee is delivered? 
When delivered by courier, a card is left letting you know that they have tried to deliver the product. They will try to deliver it again, usually that day or the next. The card will provide you with contact details so you can let the courier know when you will be in, or where to leave the product if you are not at home once again.
Alternatively, if you think you may be out during the day when the coffee is delivered, then you can provide us with special instructions on where to leave the coffee where it will be safe. Many of our customers do this, and the details are kept on file so you need only tell us this once.
10. Do you deliver to countries around the world?
Yes we do. It is more costly for us to ship to outside the U.S. so there will be an extra charge. If you would like your coffee delivered to a country other than the US then inform us of the quantity and your full address and contact details. (especially your email address). We will then email you a quote for the additional cost of carriage and the total cost of the product and extra shipping cost.
Coffee Questions
11. What grind do I need? 
This is a frequent question particularly if you are fairly new to real coffee. When you place an order you will need to specify which grind you would like or whether you would like just beans.
12. Do I need a grinder if I buy beans? 
Yes you will need a grinder. The advantage of purchasing beans is that they will stay fresher longer than ground coffee. You can purchase a grinder from most electrical outlets but be sure that you buy a good one. The 'coffee-choppers' in cheaper grinders cut the beans up repeatedly, and the friction can often "cook" the coffee whilst grinding it.
13. Can I buy green beans from you? 
Yes of course. All our coffee is roasted from green beans so we can supply all our Origin Coffees in green bean form.
14. Is our Civet coffee organic or Fair Trade Certified?
Due to the way our coffee is collected in the wild forest, it is not eligible for Fair Trade Certification, nor are we able to organically certify it.  It comes from a mountainous region that is free of chemicals and pesticides.  After it is collected it is washed in pristine mountain spring water and dried in the sun.
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