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Why Indo Civet Coffee?

We are long term well connected with the local farmers in villages in Sumatra and Java that certainly assures the originality of the Coffee Luwak beans.
After all, taste them by yourself, and you will be able to tell the dfference from any other coffee in the world.  

Different from mostly other varieties of Coffee Luwak out there.

Most Kopi Luwak in the world is made up from robusta bean since the animal Luwak is more prolific at lower altitudes and she eats other less desirable strains when they find it.  By definition, any coffee bean that is consumed by luwak is named Kopi Luwak.  As mentioned, Luwak has the natural ability to choose the ripest cherry but the ripest cherry does not significantly enhance the cupping profile (taste) of the bean.  Therefore, most Coffee Luwak out there taste like Robusta coffee only that they are possibly be enhanced by the Luwak.  We also carry and you can purchase this type as well.

What we are offering to you is the Premium Version of Coffee Luwak which is the Specialty Graded Arabica Coffee Luwak unique to most others.
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